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.Fte maximum - MAXWIFI3 - Wi-Fi Mesh Set 1 x base station + 2 x mesh stations

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Fte maximum - MAXWIFI3 - Wi-Fi Mesh Set 1 x Base Station + 2 x Mesh Stations

Unlimited Wi-Fi connection

When it comes to the perfect WLAN home network, there's no getting around a mesh network these days. With the help of several mesh WLAN devices, which are all networked and communicate with each other, a strong and comprehensive WLAN network can be set up throughout the house / office to the terrace or garden. 

The MAXWIFI system creates a perfect wireless data network (Wi-Fi) with an area-wide reception at a constant transmission speed, this eliminates possible areas with data transmission gaps in your home.

Unlike the WLAN repeater solution, there is only one SSID (network name) in the entire MAXWIFI mesh home network. At the same time, this means that there is no need for mobile devices (e.g. a smartphone, tablet or laptop) to connect to new "stronger" networks when changing locations. 

The starter kit consists of a base station (controller), which is connected to the router and through which you manage the network, and two satellite systems (mesh stations), which allow you to extend the range of the data signal (Wi-Fi).

So, with mesh, you can easily enjoy top speed surfing, video or gaming - seamlessly to the last corner of every room.

The result is 100% internet data coverage and therefore the best efficiency in your building and garden.


  • Interconnection of mesh stations, resulting in advanced network management and reduced load on the base station.
  • Simultaneous Wi-Fi connection or wired connection capability from one mesh station to another mesh station.
  • Up to 8 mesh stations can be connected to one controller.
  • Easy plug-and-play installation.
  • Set advanced configurations via a web browser.
  • Connect to the router via WPS.
  • Only one SSID in the whole mesh network.
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